let go of life limiting patterns and habits

My Mission

My mission is to help you live a life of real value. Without being limited by the patterns and habits that you have inherited through life and family.

For many years I have been helping people with physical, emotional and relationship issues, helping them return to a life of contentment and ease. 

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About Jon

I’ve been sensitive and intuitive from an early age, with my first experience of awakening at the age of 15. Although I didn’t understand what was happening at the time, I realised that who I really am is not restricted to my body. This realisation was to embark me on a journey, which included learning transcendental meditation from the age of 20 and gave me a depth of experience and understanding. It also led me to a deeper comprehension of the link between mind and body, which culminated in me training as a chiropractor, specialising in using the lightest techniques available. I have been constantly surprised by the effectiveness of even the gentlest of touches, in bringing about changes in both mind and body.

This sensitivity continued to grow as I raised our family, and my intuitive guidance led us towards homeopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture, as the mainstay of our health and healing. With these tools our family grew in vitality and natural well being.

As a chiropractor, whilst working with many thousands of patients I discovered that the more stubborn physical issues frequently stemmed from underlying, unresolved emotional energy. Often issues that had been around for years would quickly resolve once the deeper causal elements had been addressed.

Around 2011 my work changed dramatically following a chance incident in which I was asked if I could help someone who lived 300 miles away. This first experiment of remote working was amazingly successful, and very quickly my role expanded into helping people of all ages, all over the globe, for a wide range of physical and emotional/mental health issues. What was really surprising to me was the fact that the remote sessions were equally as effective as my in-person work, and these days I tend to connect with clients worldwide via Zoom or Skype, so that location or time zones are no longer a significant factor.

How it Works

From my years of practising as a chiropractor, coupled with my inherent intuition, I became able to listen to the rhythm of the body so that even the lightest touch could bring about profound changes to a person’s well being.

With my remote work, I was able to replicate this intuitive ability to tune into the underlying causes of what was troubling my client. The way I understand how this works is based on the principle of resonance. For example, when you meet someone you know well, even before speaking to them, you will have a sense of whether they are under stress or doing really well.

This happens, as an unconscious process, your body will try and match their current resonance or frequency, so that you begin to feel a little of what they are feeling.

Similarly, when I work with clients and we sit in silence together I am able to see where your frequency is at by checking what’s happening to mine. This is my area of expertise.

Then, we check what area you want to work on and I set my system to run at that frequency and your system with naturally copy it or enter into resonance, much like a tuning fork.

For example if you have emotional or stress issues or even finance or relationship issues I will set up the frequency of radiant health or that of abundance or love, or whatever is needed to best help you. What I still find surprising is how quickly things change for people once we get started on this work.

Booking your Frequency Session

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(If you are in a significantly different time zone and cannot find a suitable session time please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.)